President's Page

Walter Hoard, president

118 Anderson Rd., Everett, Pa. 15537


Greetings from Walter Hoard,

    Bible study is such a great blessing. It has been the joy of my life. I pray this web-ministry may give you a little more joy in the study of the Bible.

    There is so much good Bible study on the web. You must know where to search or you will waste your time and get into a lot of evil web pages. It is my desire to help you find what you want to study. Please e-mail me and I will help you find good study and educational material. 

   It is my desire to increase the amount of Bible study material on our site, so I encourage you to visit often to see the new material.

   May our wonderful Lord give you great joy in:

      1. Knowing you are saved by grace and not by works!

      2. Knowing the power of overcoming sin in your life!

      3. Developing the gifts of the Holy Spirit in your life!

      4. Learning to be compassionate in sharing the gospel of

          Jesus Christ to the lost!

      5. Continuing to be a student of the Bible!

   My prayer is that all Christians will share the love of Christ to our world that is torn apart with violence and hate. May we in love share the great truths of the Bible to those who have other beliefs. Let us live a life that will attract others to the Bible.

   Please click on "COURSES OFFERED" on the front page. You will learn how to enroll in the Faith Bible Institute. Please feel free to e-mail any questions that you have.


Yours in Faith,

Walter Lee Hoard